About Enulec

Founded in 1981 Enulec GmbH has grown to occupy a leading market position in the field of electrostatics.

The company offers custom designed solutions to electrostatic related problems

The ENULEC Inline Static Measurement System offers new possibilities for process optimization and an increase in safety during production. Substrates of all types are analysed for electrostatic charge in an inline process and the results so measured are recorded. When a pre-selectable warning threshold has been reached, the system provides a signal to the operator and provides information concerning the critical state of any static electrical charge which is present. The equipment further provides a signal contact to the machine control so offering optimum control over the production process.

Flexible Packaging Machine Supplier: Enulec

Electrostatic Assist System

The use of an Electrostatic Assist System (ESA) enables the cells in the cylinder of the gravure printing machine to be fully evacuated of ink and prevents the occurrence of missing dots (dot skips, snowflakes),which are as a result of ink not being transferred to the printing substrate, and is essential as a prerequisite for an optimum quality of print. ENULEC ESA systems have become standard fixtures throughout the world, particularly when printing on paper, card and plastic film substrates, enabling a high quality of print to be maintained irrespective of factors such as impression roller characteristics, viscosity and machine speed.

Enulec’s highly effective EST-DC static discharge system removes unwelcome electrostatic charges from printing / converting / extrusion film machines and also from roll slitting machines and laminating machines. Free ions (both positively and negatively charged) are fired at the travelling web of film at high speed during the production process. During this process the positively charged ions on the web recombine with the strongly accelerated negatively charged ions coming from the DC discharge electrode.

The EST-DC-LDS discharge system operates over a range of approximately 20–800 mm and does not need to be adjusted for webs having differing static charges. By virtue of its special direct current technology the system can successfully eliminate all combinations of electrostatic charges and there is no need to use additional alternating current discharge systems on the winder.

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