About IST

Established in 1987 near Modena Italia Sistemi Tecnologici (IST) are market leaders in the production of Solvent Reclaimers, Washing Units, Anilox Cleaners & Water Reclaimers.

IST’s product range is now one of the largest in the market and is able to satisfy all possible customers’ needs.
The experience gained over the years in sectors such as GRAPHICS, INKS, PAINTS, CHEMISTRY, AUTOMOTIVE, AEROSPACE, HOSPITALS and FIBERGLASS has made IST the supplier of choice, with more than 30.000 installations worldwide.

Solvent reclaimers, from small manual units to large automated systems linked to flexopress automatic washdown systems can reclaim solvent from printing processes to use in future washdown processes to save money on buying washing solvent and disposal of dirty solvents. Return on Investment is very quick with the money savings achievable.

Parts washers for flexo, rotogravure and offset printing machine automate a process usually labour intensive to free up manpower for other work whilst obtaining more thoroughly cleaned parts.

Water reclaimers for the purification on industrial waste water.

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