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SAM was founded in 1960 to become a world leading enterprise through the supply of superior technology and unrivalled customer support.

Today SAM have operations in Asia, USA and Europe. SAM moved to their modern production facility, based in Hwaseong city 50km south of Seoul, South Korea, in 2006 where they have the capacity to build 30 full lines per year.

The facility includes a Research and Development centre and a Special Printed Electronics Laboratory facility (SPEL) to provide specialized services for their global customers.

Flexible Packaging Machine Supplier: SAM
Sung An Machinery

In 2010 SAM NA (New York county) was founded to provide expertise and development in Extrusion technology. This includes a purpose built “clean room” Lab Line to assist customers around the world to test new products and train personnel on this specialized marketplace. SAM are also market leaders in screw design that enables customers to remain at the leading edge of extrudate control and performance.

In 2013 a Sales and Engineering facility was introduced further expand European activities with specialization in Solution Coaters, converting machines and Gravure Printing lines.

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